Our vision

11 companies, more than 400 employees and one common goal:


This is the vision of the TS Group GmbH
We are convinced that renewable energies are the key factor to a green and livable future for everyone. This is why we put our whole power in creating new technology solutions. With our knowledge we want to push the development of renewables and efficient energy - so that we can live on an intact planet earth also in the future.

Innovative business fields

NVH and efficiency testing

NVH testing

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), also known as noise and vibration (N&V), is the study and modification of the noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles, particularly cars and trucks. While noise and vibration can be readily measured, harshness is a subjective quality, and is measured either via "jury" evaluations, or with analytical tools that can provide results reflecting human subjective impressions.

Energy storage production eqipment

Energy storage production eqipment

In our companies we develop energy storage production equipment from the following areas

- Fuel Cells
- Batteries
- Supercap Material

Hybrid and e-motor gears

Hybrid and e-motor gears

Part of our strategy for a green future is the area of ​​electromobility, in which we focus on drive technology.

Water treatment

Water treatment

We have identified another new and innovative area for a green future in water treatment

Our companies

Company Profile

TS Elino

Founded: 1933
Location: Düren
Focus fuel cell, battery and supercap material production equipment
Working fields: engineering, construction, supply and commissioning of industrial furnaces


Company Profile

TS Henschel

Founded: 1810
Location: Kassel
Focus hybrid and e-motor gears for mobility solutions
Working fields: engineering, construction, supply and commissioning of gear boxes


Company Data


Founded: 2005
Location: Aachen
Focus NVH and efficiency testing of full drive train components
Working fields: engineering, construction, supply and commissioning of test stations for tires, rims and wheels


Company Data

TS Schmid

Founded: 2010
Location: Aachen
Focus ....irgendwas erfinden
Working fields: development and supply of optical testing equipment

Company Data


Founded: 1994
Location: Aachen
Focus NVH and efficiency testing of full drive train components
Working fields: engineering, construction, supply and commissioning of test stands for drive shafts


Company Profile

TS Eisenguss

Founded: 1956
Location: Mosbach
Working fields: iron casting

Company Profile

TS Stahlbau

Founded: 2013
Location: Düren
Focus water treatment
Working fields: plant engineering and welded constructions


About us

For us, taking responsibility means taking socially relevant issues into account in corporate decision-making processes, keeping an eye on what is happening beyond one's own area of competence, and looking at company-related activities from an ecological, social and ethical point of view.

Stephan Koehne - CEO TS Group

Our vision

Our vision

Committed to people and nature

Our companies work in different business fields, but we all have a common vision: a green future for everyone with renewable energies.
So each of our companies works on new technology solutions to push forward the development of this sector.
From solar energy and fuel cell power to e-mobility, from construction to production to assembly and programming - our teams always find the best solution not only for you but also for a clean environment.


An investment in the future

All from a single source. We won't leave you alone and support you comprehensively and promptly - worldwide, personally or via modern communication systems.
Through the use of high-quality components, decades of experience, attention to the reliability and quality of our suppliers and service providers, excellent quality control, the continuous training of our employees and the will to continue learning with open eyes, we guarantee you the highest level of reliability.


We develop tomorrow's technology today

We invest a lot in research and development and can proudly say that we are making great strides here.
The issues of environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us, which we have been dealing with for a long time. Thanks in particular to the interdisciplinary cooperation of all companies in the TS Group and the location, the so called Future Lab Aachen, we have made progress in all areas of the company.
From solar systems at our locations to energy recovery systems at our customers -
we don't stand still.


Our smartest investment is you!

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